Kew Gardens Cinemas will host an exclusive Phantom of The Opera screening with live music performance Wednesday

Kew Gardens Cinema will host special Phantom of the Opera Screening with a live musical accompaniment.
Photo courtesy of Kew Garden Cinemas

The Kew Gardens Cinemas will host an exclusive, one-night-only showing of the cult classic, The Phantom of the Opera on Wednesday, Mar. 6, at 7:30 pm. The screening will be accompanied by a live performance of original scores by The Flushing Remonstrance, a local duo composed of percussionist Catherine Cramer and keyboardist Robert Kennedy.

Founded in 2015, the Flushing Remonstrance duo is an experimental band that combines their decades of musical experience performing different genres of music. In 2021, the group was a recipient of the Queens Council on Arts grant for musical excellence. 

Kennedy hopes Wednesday’s performance will enhance the screening experience for viewers and open their minds to the group’s unique sound. “ We work to try to enhance the emotion of the film and the emotions and feelings the actors are moving forward with, ” he said. “ We want someone to come away saying, I loved watching that film and what I heard made me enjoy it.”

Based on the novel by Gaston Loureux, the Phantom of the Opera is hailed as one of the greatest silent films, featuring a storyline rife with horror, mystery and drama. The film follows a masked protagonist that lurks in the depths of the catacombs of the Paris Opera House, reigning terror on all who come across him. For tickets and more information visit their website here.