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Well make funding the MTA a major priority in your respective campaigns.

No big surprise that this whole counterfeit credit card ring was based in the dirty Southeast Queens, most of the hood rats were from Greater Jamaica Area and the house used was based in Rosedale, which I am sure people were going in and out for some time, while residents probably looked the other way. Eight of the hood rats were from the Greater Jamaica area, since that is the known breeding ground for hood rats in Queens. If convicted, all of the suspects face up to 7 to 15 years behind bars if convicted, but what about the BIG HOOD RAT, Councilman Ruben Wills, up on corruption charges, you think if convicted he will get 7 to 15, I doubt it, even though he should get more. Yet this scumbag is still going to run for re-election and if any of you idiots vote for him, you deserve to have the fucking ghetto you got. Seems there are two standards for the average common hood rats and the corrupt political gangster hood rats in SE Queens. BUT I still feel the big news that only The Daily News has reported, is the kidnapping and pimping out of a 15 year old girl by Joseph Gilbert in Rev. Floyd Flake’s Allen Cathedral Senior Residence on Merrick Blvd, where this poor girl was pimped out for FOUR MONTHS (http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/man-busted-allegedly-kidnapping-pimping-girl-15-nyc-article-1.3214154). AND all that time, no one suspected anything, a 28 year old hood rat, a 15 year go and a whole bunch of Johns in a senior residence building. Wonder who were the johns, probably a bunch of hypocritical church folks. The dirty SE Queens just keeps getting dirtier and nastier from the bottom to the top of the cream. https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

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Oh well. His own dumb decision had caused his downfall. And besides, trespassing across the tracks in a station is illegal and dangerous.

HILLARY STORMS THRU JAMAICA AT FLAKE’S CHURCH – WONDER IF SHE SAW ALL THE GARBAGE AND SMASHED CARS Clinton in the company of corrupt Congressman Gregory Meeks and questionable Floyd Flake. MUST get that black vote, but let’s not give them anything back like better services in the black community. Can you just smell the BULLSHIT or to quote Big Daddy in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, “Didn’t you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity in this room?” https://cleanupjamaicaqueens.wordpress.com/

Very nice Congrats Barry!

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November 04, 2015 / 10:51 AM
Congrats Barry! Very happy for you and the people you will serve. Danny Ruscillo

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