New schools worry 105th Pct. Council

By Adam Kramer

The 105th Police Precinct Council held its first meeting of the new millennium last week and voiced concern over the proposed construction of three new schools on the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center campus in Queens Village. In addition, the council announced the Cops of the Month for November and December.

Sheila Pecoraro, president of the 105th Police Precinct Council, said she did not want to get involved in the school construction battle, but was troubled by how the presence of more schools would affect the precinct's already low patrol strength.

“There is no doubt they will need more manpower,” she said. The site will require additional police coverage similar to the stationary posts at Springfield Gardens High School.”

She said during the last 30 years the 105th has had to constantly monitor Springfield Gardens High School and PS 31, which are close to one other. The community is nervous that the older students will bother the younger elementary school students, Pecoraro said.

The plan for Creedmoor envisions an elementary school, an intermediate school and a high school on a 10.3-acre site.

Pecoraro fears that if the Creedmoor high school gets out early, its students would create havoc at the junior high school and if the junior high school gets out early, its students would harass the elementary school students.

“The plan for Creedmoor is a disaster,” she said. “I suggest they be very careful about putting three schools in such a close vicinity.”

Congratulations were extended to Howard Blennau, November Cop of the Month, for his work in arresting the Rosedale rape suspect Rodolfo Beach, who was charged Monday with rape after his DNA matched the DNA found on the victims.

Beach was arrested on Nov. 6 after breaking into a house in Rosedale. Beach, of 239-11 147th Rd. in Rosedale, was stabbed by a resident of the Rosedale house after he allegedly entered the bedroom of a 12-year-old girl.

Paul Zoccolillo was honored with the December Cop of the Month award for capturing an alleged bank robber on Dec. 6. The suspected robber was believed to be wearing a bomb and Zoccolillo apprehended him after he left the bank.

The police officers of the 105th Precinct also honored Jerry Sperling, a community resident, for considerable volunteer work.

“Jerry Sperling is an important part of the precinct and a person who puts in countless volunteer hours,” said Don Barto, 105th crime prevention specialist. “I can't think of a person who has donated so much time for no cost. I am proud to have him as a friend.”

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