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New Principals Take Their Places New Class Of Leaders Starts Off School Year

As the school year started on Monday, a new class of principals was at the helm of a number of Queens public schools. The class is the first to graduate from the New York City Leadership Academy as part of the Aspiring Principals Program. Mayor Michael Bloombergs systemwide turnaround and the cornerstone of Chancellor Joel Kleins reform initiatives is based on the importance of strong leadership and accountability at the school level.
"Last year we launched the Leadership Academy to provide principals with the skills they need to make a real difference in our schools," Bloomberg said.
"All parents want a great school for their children and know that an effective principal sets the tone for the entire school," Klein said. "Our goal for the Leadership Academy is to attract, support, and install the very best principals to make sure that each of our schools is a school that all of our parents are proud to have their children attend."
Each of the 77 graduates completed a 14-month leadership development program, including two intensive summer sessions and an academic residency under the guidance of an experienced mentor principal.
"We started with a summer intensive," said recent program graduate Reginald Landeau, Jr., principal of MS 216 – The George Ryan School. "It was headed by a middle school cohort and included 30 members. In this part of the program we completed group work and had a mock school that we had to administrate. We also attended different workshops and even learned how to prioritize issues. It was truly a simulation of what its like to be a principal."
In accordance with the summer intensives, Academy students were required to complete academic leadership readings and attended lectures conducted by business moguls such as former General Electric CEO Jack Welch, Time Warner Chairman and CEO Richard Parsons and Baruch College President Dr. Kathleen Waldron.
"The Leadership Academy was wonderful, but one of the best parts was the academic residency," said Landeau. "It really taught me what a principalship was really about; you have the opportunity to become a team player, and at the same, learn how to make important decisions."
The NYC Leadership Academy was launched in July 2003, and uses problem-based, experiential learning and provides candidates with strong leadership training. In addition to the Aspiring Principals Program, the Academy provides leadership development programs for new and existing principals. The New Principal On-Board Program (NPOBP) provides leadership development to the newly-appointed principals in order to help them adjust to their new roles as school leaders.
This past July, the Academy welcomed its second class of NPOBP candidates, who will receive continuing leadership development throughout the school year.
"It was a wonderful experience and wonderful preparation, especially with its focus on instruction and creating an environment where instruction is fostered," said Anastasia Schneider, Principal of PS/IS 499. "What happens to students and teachers should be the driving force this was truly crystallized in the Academy for me."
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