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‘Queer Eye’ Comes To Queens

Anyone who has ever been to Queens Theatre in the Park knows Willy Mosquera.
As director of public affairs and house manager, the amiable Mosquera was easily recognizable by his trademark ponytail that reached to the middle of his back.
But now long-time patrons and even colleagues don’t recognize Mosquera.
That’s because the part-time rocker just received a makeover courtesy of the “Fab Five” from Bravo’s “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy.”
“My oldest daughter, Natalie, 21, applied for me in July,” Mosquera told The Queens Courier.
After being interviewed, Mosquera and his son, Nathan, 16, were both chosen for the appearance on the life-changing show.
“I guess one of the reasons they picked me is because I’m in entertainment and a year ago I was nominated by The Daily News as the ‘City’s Nicest Guy.’ ”
Prior to the actual makeover, camera crews went to Mosquera’s Fresh Meadows apartment to set up their equipment.
And then Kyan Douglas, Ted Allen, Carson Kressley, Jai Rodriguez and Thom Filicia — the “Fab Five” — arrived.
“My four-year-old son, Ian Sebastian, had a blast with the guys,” said Mosquera. “They came in and raided my closet, going through all my clothes.”
But the “Queer Guys” didn’t just “fix up” Mosquera and his son, they also redecorated the apartment.
“We went furniture shopping in SoHo,” said Mosquera. “I was allowed to pick the dining table and couch — everything else Thom picked out.”
He even received recording equipment for his home.
The next step was a shopping spree for a new look.
“I picked clothes for my son and he picked clothes for me,” said Mosquera.
Once the wardrobe was chosen, the hair was next. At first Mosquera was reluctant to cut off his locks. “I’m kind of like Samson [the Biblical figure],” he said. “I didn’t want to cut it — I’ve had it long for 22 years and it’s kind of like my identity.
Deciding it was time for a change, Mosquera allowed his hair to be cut on one condition — that his tresses be donated to Locks of Love, a charity which provides hair prosthetics for children with long-term medical hair loss.
“I feel really good about it,” he said.
Nathan, however, only allowed his hair to be trimmed. “He’ll continue the [hair] legacy,” said the proud father.
Satisfied with their new looks, the father-and-son duo had more surprises in store. Nathan received a $1,500 certificate to attend the Berlitz School to learn the Spanish language and culture.
“Jai said, ‘He shouldn’t lose his heritage and culture,’ ” Mosquera said.
And to provide Nathan with a tangible tie to his ancestry, his grandfather, Mosquera’s father, was flown in from Ecuador.
“They don’t just want to be a makeover show,” said Mosquera. “They want the experience to mean something, and it did.”
Now, a few months since the makeover, Mosquera says people still don’t recognize him.
“One of my volunteers who has been working with me for years didn’t even realize she was talking to me,” said Mosquera.
And the experience has changed his son as well.
“It changed Nathan a lot,” said Mosquera. “Now he looks forward to wearing all different types of clothing.”
This very special episode of “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy” will air sometime next year on the Bravo Network.

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