A BRITISHER’S VIEW: Welcome to the World of Fundamental Islam, Folks

by Shavana Abruzzo

That terror-supporters would elect blood-thirsty Islamo-thugs as their rulers makes absolute sense. That supporters of suicide bombers would vote for blood-trading boors, is only logical. That the world’s largest and most ungrateful welfare state would want criminals as its governing body, is more than rational. Did the world expect anything less from the Palestinians when they cast their ballots and allowed Hamas to win 76 seats in their 132-seat legislature, thus giving the ultra-militant, Iranian-backed organization – notorious for its assassinations, car bombings and other terrorist acts – a free rein to their leadership? The election was democratic. The electorate spoke. Beyond a reasonable doubt. Welcome to the world of fundamental Islam, folks. Much to their detriment, the Palestinians have elected bona-fide terrorists, whom they perceive as Robin Hoods and who want to form a radical Islamic nation in place of Israel. The Palestinians have told the world – in no uncertain terms – that they will continue to condone and carry-out terror activities against innocent people and the rest of us will just have to like it or lump it. Their legitimization of Hamas shows their true colors and sheds light on their intention as a people on the planet. Since Israel’s inception in 1948, the Palestinians have depleted the world’s generosity, goodwill and greenbacks in an attempt to promote their grandiose agenda and general animosity. Their tumultuous heritage prior to the establishment of the Land of Milk and Honey is amply chronicled in history books. In recent memory, their plight had gained momentum because the world is inclined to favor and help the small fry – a guise well adapted by the Palestinians on their eternal road to self-pity and helplessness. They had cornered the market on global sympathy. They were past masters at playing the patsy. Until now. By electing Hamas, whose nuke-packing Iranian backers have called for the annihilation of Israel – most recently during the Muslim holy pilgrimage of Haj – the Palestinian people have lost their grip on reality and their credibility. Their disgrace and disrepute is about to spill over as Hamas now begins an internal war with the defeated Fatah Party in an effort to flex and exert its militant Muslim muscle for one and all to see. How the Palestinians hope to be taken seriously when within hours of the “historic” January 23 election, Hamas and Fatah gunmen brawled on the streets and wounded three people is a psychiatrist’s dream. The violence erupted after Hamas gunmen were chagrined that a Fatah-appointed Muslim imam conducted Friday prayers. That seemingly devout Muslims would engage in a mutually hate-filled public skirmish – a day after gaining a modicum of political legitimacy within their own ranks – is ridiculous. Their volatility speaks volumes about their right to be recognized on the international stage and forces aghast observers to take a keen look at the ugly world of fundamental Islam at work. The 15 minutes of spotlight, very democratically secured by the Palestinians, could see them falling right off the stage – just about now. E-mail“A Britisher’s View” at BritView@courierlife.net. All letters become the property of Courier-Life Publications and are subject to publication unless otherwise specified; please include your name, address and daytime telephone number for verification.

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