Mill Basin Civic Showcases Talented Young Dancers

By Charles Hack

Mill Basin Civic Association’s members were entertained by dancers performing Hip-Hop style dance routines. Perfect coordination, elegant moves and tons of energy were just some thoughts that sprung to mind when watching these dancers, some of whom who were adorned with top hats and blue sashes. “I wanted to do a new thing and show case the youth,” said president-elect Paul Curiale at the Jan. 10 meeting at the American Legion Post at 5601 Ave. N. The girls were choreographed by Elizabeth Kerney-Misiano, owner of Elizabeth’s Dance Image 5509 Ave. N. The new president wants to showcase talented people in the community. “This is our community,” said Curiale. “And these people live in our community.” With tots as young as 2 years old learning their first moves at the group there will be plenty of time for dancers to become professionals of the future. And who knows who we might one day see on Fox’s American Idol? For more information about Elizabeth’s Dance Image contact (718) 444-8456.

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