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Readers Play Matchmaker

For whatever it matters, here is ‘our take' on the Attorney General candidates. They are a perfect match and we are referring to Andrew Cuomo and Jeanine Pirro. Both are winners and their mates are the true losers of all time. The sooner Andrew and Jeanine start looking at each in a social manner, the sooner we will get another magical couple - political parties notwithstanding. After all there is one now - not nearly as attractive, namely James Carville and Mary Matalin.
So, Andrew, invite Jeanine to your victory party, and may the rest be glorious history!
Sylvia and Ira Bailen

Environment Kudos For Senator Padavan
According to the group, Environmental Advocates of New York, fourteen State Senators have shown exceptional leadership on environmental issues by sponsoring all four of what the environmental community considers to be priority environmental Super Bills in 2006. Among the fourteen New York Senators who have shown this kind of leadership is Senator Frank Padavan.
The four bills sponsored include the following:
1) The Community Preservation Act is a bill that would allow local communities to decide when and how funds could be raised for protecting natural and historic heritage.
2) The Clean Water Protection and Flood Prevention Act is a bill that would focus in on the need to protect New York's wetland areas that are less than 12.4 acres in size.
3) The Bigger Better Bottle Bill is a bill that would expand the types of recyclable beverage containers covered under the state's recycling program and thereby generate additional revenues for environmental programs in our state.
4) The Environmental Protection Fund Enhancement Act would increase the Fund to support recycling programs and land conservation across our state.
These four bills have passed the State Assembly but not the State Senate. By taking this stand in favor of our environmental protection, Senator Padavan and the other senators who support this legislation increase the chance that these four bills will soon become law. In particular, Senator Padavan demonstrates his independent point of view on issues that sometimes certain leaders of his own party fail to support.
Thank you, Senator Padavan, for showing continued integrity and courage in support of pro-environmental and other legislation that will benefit not only the citizens of your district but also all the citizens across New York State.
Henry Euler

Winners Are All Losers
In the recent September Democratic Primaries, Queens voters really selected &#8220None of the Above.” Contrary to popular belief, winners Eliot Spitzer (570,000 votes for Governor), Andrew Cuomo (373,000 votes for Attorney General) and Hillary Clinton (589,000 votes for Senator) all really lost to voter apathy.
Take a look at the actual numbers and you will see that out of over 5,500,000 registered Democratic Party voters in New York State - 4,800,000 failed to bother to vote. They stayed home and chose none of the above. This represents 90% of all enrolled Democrats.
Clearly, Spitzer, Cuomo and Clinton failed to motivate this overwhelming number of voters to come out in support of their respective candidacies. Lucky for Spitzer, Cuomo and Clinton - they face unknown Republican and other minor party candidates in the November General Election.
This year the &#8220Pay for Play” special interest crowd is sending most of their funds to the respective Democratic Party candidates. Queens and all of New York State will be Democratic Blue when the November General Election Day results are totaled.
Larry Penner
Great Neck

End Inhuman Animal Fighting
Dear Representative Maloney,
Animal fighting is a cruel and vicious activity that is linked to numerous other crimes and public safety concerns. Please do all you can to get the Animal Fighting Prohibition Enforcement Act on to the House floor for a vote before time runs out on the 109th Congress.
This bill will establish felony penalties to help put an end to inhumane animal fighting. Current law provides only misdemeanor penalties, which are too weak to provide a meaningful deterrent.
Thank you for your attention and support.
Severa Aguero

Hide These Dolls
Dear Ms Schneps-Yunis:
Are you kidding?!
Purchasing dolls of Lenin, Stalin, etc.
These are the GREATEST mass-murders in history!!! More people died under Stalin than under Hitler. Are you going to prominently display Communist butchery on your shelves or coffee table? Just where will you show-off these “cute” items?

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