President Bloomberg?

Mayor Michael Bloomberg fired a shot heard around the country on Tuesday, June 19 when he dumped the Republican Party in order to become a blank - a member of no party.
He is “unaffiliated,” and therefore beholden to no national committees, platforms, or any of the other political baggage that goes into the race to win Red and Blue states on election nights.
A self-made billionaire, Michael Rubens Bloomberg from Medford, MA, was an Eagle Scout, earned an engineering degree at Johns Hopkins University and a business degree at Harvard. He once worked for $9,000 a year as a Salomon Brothers clerk where he worked his way up to partner by arriving first and leaving last - a great work ethic!
Leaving Salomon Brothers with $10 million in 1981 he began Bloomberg LP, which includes Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Radio and Bloomberg Television, which were all built on the success of his Bloomberg terminals - a must-have financial information terminal that made its way to virtually every desk in the financial world.
When he ran for mayor of New York, he was a candidate with no political base, no political history and no political debts. He financed his election campaign for mayor entirely out his own fortune. Sounds like d/j vu - all over again.
If Bloomy decides to run, he will probably make that decision after “Tsunami Tuesday” on February 5, 2008, when two dozen states including New York and California hold their primaries.
Bloomy could then enter the race, running petition drives in all 50 states to place his name on the ballot on Election Day. Once again, he would not have to rely on or solicit campaign funds to mount a run for the White House.
On the subject of campaign donations Bloomberg said, “I would suggest that before anyone runs for office, they should go out and become a billionaire. It makes it a lot easier.”
He has caught not only the announced but the yet-to-be-announced 2008 Presidential candidates by surprise by pledging that he would commit $500 million only if he decided to enter a national race.
Political experts agree that the public may be sick of the major party candidates after the lengthy political season and Bloomberg could walk in as a fresh face who is a results-oriented chief executive and capture the voters’ imaginations.
Sure, we would get Betsy Gotbaum as mayor for 60 days under the City Charter if Bloomberg resigns to run, but that would be a small price to pay for a “get things done” leader who is beholden to no one in Washington.
Therefore we stand by our editorial in the issue of June 15, 2006 when the words oval office and Bloomberg where first published by the national media. We said, “The Queens Courier, the first newspaper in New York to endorse Michael Bloomberg for mayor, is proud to endorse him again for the highest office in the land - President of the United States.” Go Bloomy!

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