Weighing in Duchess of York

Anyone who has ever tried to lose weight knows that it takes work and commitment, and that maintaining weight loss is a lifelong process. When Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, was five years into her journey on the Weight Watchers program, she shared a very personal story with HealthWise readers and urged: &#8220If you are overweight, make a commitment now to lose those extra pounds and then stay committed to maintaining your healthy weight.”
Now, ten years after joining Weight Watchers, the Duchess hasn't changed her stance. She maintains her Lifetime Member status as well as her weight-loss success through an ongoing commitment to herself and the program. Like anyone, however, the Duchess has had her ups and downs. In a recent issue of Weight Watchers magazine, she offered these tips for others to keep focused on their weight loss journey:
Feed Your Body And Soul Without Food.
It took the Duchess a long time to realize that much of her overeating was rooted in stress and unhappiness. She finally got control over her emotional eating habits once she learned to hit the pause button whenever she felt the urge to grab something to eat rather than deal directly with her feelings.
Say &#8220No” To Negativity.
At one point after years of yo-yo dieting, the Duchess felt convinced that any attempt to lose weight would ultimately fail.Through Weight Watchers, she discovered that negative thinking only breeds more negativity and virtually assures failure.Today, she focuses on the positive things she can do to stay in control-counting on continuing her success rather than anticipating failure.
Set Healthy Examples For Loved Ones.
In establishing a healthier relationship with food herself, the Duchess also became a better role model for her two daughters. She firmly believes that one of the added benefits for Weight Watchers members is that they can share what they learn about healthy diet and lifestyle with their family.
Get Support.
A good support network can be a positive force in life. The Duchess says she's been inspired by the commitment and upbeat attitude of other members. She encourages those who are struggling with their weight to seek out the help of a spouse, a friend, a family member or a support group.
Celebrate Accomplishments.
The Duchess has said that the day she reached her goal weight was one of the proudest of her life. She believes that learning to keep her weight under control has helped her control other parts of her life, so successfully maintaining her weight is in fact something to celebrate everyday.
The Duchess reached her goal weight in December 1997. She says she owes her success to these principles for maintaining a weight-healthy lifestyle:
Make being physically active a part of everyday life
Eating a balanced diet is the best way to stay satisfied
With a hectic schedule, planning ahead for meals and exercise is key
The flexibility of the Weight Watchers program allows for splurges without guilt or feeling denied.
“Throughout my weight-loss journey, I've found my greatest motivation from those who have successfully lost weight and kept it off,” says Ferguson. “Now that I've maintained my weight for ten years I want to inspire others to do the same.”
To learn more, visit weightwatchers.com.

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