Truth is best defense

I think Governor David Paterson coming out about himself and his wife concerning their infidelity was the right thing to do. I believe it was better this way than for someone else to bring it out and by doing such would put a cloud over his administration. I believe this is something between a husband and a wife and forgiveness comes to those who seek it out.
Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Especially after New York Daily News columnist Juan Gonzalez broke the story on the front page on Tuesday, March 18, hours after Governor David Paterson was inaugurated.

Another sleazy adulterer
One day on the job and already our new governor, David Paterson, has revealed himself to be another sleazy adulterer. Are we supposed to look the other way because he was “up front” about it? I do not think so. If he cannot be trusted as a husband, how can he be trusted as governor? At this rate, we are going through the line of succession so fast before you know it I will be governor!
Michael Chimenti

Spitzer not above the law
Judges, politicians, lawyers and police officers daily make decisions based on their understanding of the law. They are not above the law. They are champions of the law through interpretation and enforcement. Governor Spitzer made the right decision.
If found guilty, he should receive whatever punishment is appropriate according to the law. Justice would not be served by seeking a more severe punishment because of Governor Spitzer’s political status. In the movie, “The Bucket List,” Jack Nicholson’s character becomes a patient in his own hospital. Then, and only then, did he find out how his decisions as hospital head affected the hospital staff and the patients.
Juanita Washington Rier

Familiar political scenario
Well, here we go again - another politician who could not keep his pants and underwear on - what else is new? Eliot Spitzer needed to resign, because the very things that he went after as a prosecutor, he himself became involved in.
When you are a public servant, you must follow a proper code of ethics and conduct, and set a good example for the public. Governor Spitzer should be ashamed of himself. His wife, children and rest of his family deserve much better than this. So do all of the people of this state. He is such a hypocrite!
John Amato
Fresh Meadows

Library Lobby Day delegation
Why no mention of the Queens Library’s participation in the annual NY Library Lobby Day? Four busloads of Queens Library patrons and staff got up early on March 11 to catch a 6:30 a.m. bus to Albany to ask our elected representatives for funding cuts to be restored.
One woman in my group talked about receiving a free mammogram, thanks to the Queens Library Health Link.
I met two adults, from Egypt and Albania, who shared how they are now able to speak and understand English thanks to programs at the Steinway branch library. These library programs are especially important in Queens, where over 48 percent of residents are foreign-born.
Assemblymember Michael Gianaris, who met with us in person, representatives of State Senator George Onorato and Assemblymember Catherine Nolan all expressed their support for libraries.
Thank you to the Queens Library for organizing our trip; I think we were the largest delegation. It gave patrons an opportunity to express our appreciation for the services offered, and to let Albany know how very important libraries are to our community.
Lynne Serpe

Counting the minutes
Access-A-Ride is a godsend; it works and the MTA really wants it to. Provisions are in place when delays occur that affect the arrival to our destination. We can be kept up to date on the location of our assigned vehicle, and then, after a half-hour delay, an authorization is granted for a taxi or car service to complete our journey.
For Access-A-Ride to run so smoothly and effectively, the customer needs to have a cell phone. We are required to be outside five minutes before our scheduled pickup and give the driver a half-hour window to reach us. Public phones are not always available or functioning when the half hour wait has passed.
Procedure for us is to call Access-A-Ride (877-337-2017), select option 1 or 2 and then option 5. We are greeted by an agent who asks for our ID number. We tell them of our dilemma, and they investigate while we are placed on hold. The agent then advises us of the situation and informs us of our choices - to continue to wait or authorizes us to take a taxi or call for car service.
We are using our cell phone airtime minutes during this process, which has taken as long as thirteen minutes in my case. Our “street” contacts with Access-A-Ride can occur several times during the month, and the airtime minutes add up.
Perhaps a waiver with the cell phone carriers can be obtained for Access-A-Ride customers on the use of these airtime minutes - similar to mobile-to-mobile use or when 9-1-1 is called. The time used on those calls is not deducted from your “peak” allowance. Most cell phone carriers charge 45 cents a minute when you go over your monthly allowance.
Ann Cullinane

Marshall thanks The Courier
Thank you for The Queens Courier’s support for the African-American Heritage Committee’s annual celebration in recognition of the AAH Month Awards Ceremony held recently at Citibank. The event had a near capacity audience.
The AAH Month Awards Ceremony honored six outstanding community leaders and five high school scholars. Their families and friends looked on as each was presented with their award.
Thank you again, and I look forward to The Courier’s ongoing participation in the African-American Heritage Month celebration that recognizes the contributions of our community leaders.
Helen M. Marshall
Queens Borough President

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