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Aphrodisiac kills a man in Queens

The New York City Department of Health is warning New Yorkers to be wary of an illegal aphrodisiac (made of frog poison and plants), which has killed a man in Queens.
The NYC Poison Control Center, from the DOH, sent an alert on Friday, May 23, after receiving a report from a hospital, which revealed that a 35-year-old-man, who took a kind of dark and hard substance, died at the beginning of last month.
The authorities have not released the identity of the victim; they just said that he lived in the borough of Queens. The only other information about the decedent is that according to the DOH, he arrived at the emergency room with terrible pain in his chest and stomach, adding that he died two days later.
The clandestine aphrodisiac is sold on the black market and in some sex shops under the names “Black Stone,” “Jamaica Stone,” “Love Stone” and “Chinese Rock.”
The substance has been banned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Nevertheless, it is still being sold illegally in the United States.
Authorities added that “Black Stone” contains chemical ingredients, which can cause heart problems. This aphrodisiac may be used on the skin, and not by mouth. However, some experts said that it could be deadly either way.
“There’s no way to use it safely. Don’t buy it, don’t sell it and if you have it, don’t use it and throw it away,” said Doctor Robert Hoffman, director of the FDA.
A similar drug killed a 40-year-old man in Brooklyn in 2002 and there were four other cases in the early 90’s. For more information visit, www.nyc.gov/health.
If you know about somebody who’s using or dispensing this aphrodisiac, contact immediately (212) – POISONS.

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