106th Precinct had a quieter fourth

Community Affairs Officer Kenneth Zorn of the 106th Precinct reported that cops made over 60 seizures of fireworks in the precinct over the weekend.
“It wasn’t as bad as last year, but we hope to keep it even quieter next year,” he said. Zorn observed that while there were confiscations all over, the Howard Beach area produced the largest “professional” fireworks.
“They don’t seem to understand that you can’t be doing that in a flight path,” he said. “The FAA has tapes that show the kind of rockets we confiscated reaching a higher altitude than the airplanes over Howard Beach.”
Zorn admitted that it was difficult to determine just which backyards were the source of the huge fireworks which were shot out over the water, but cautioned, “next year we’ll have a Harbor Unit out there observing.”