Put detective in TEC-9 case back on duty for serving public

Frederick R. Bedell Jr., Glen Oaks Village

Detective Ivan Davison has been punished for serving and protecting the public when, while under fire, he prevented a near-fatal situation by shooting and wounding a perpetrator with a TEC-9 in St. Albans.

As what happened here and given the new rules since the Sean Bell shooting, an off-duty police officer should not intervene but call 911. If the officer had a few drinks while off-duty and fires a gun in the public's defense, he should be tested and action should be taken against him.

A police officer is a police officer 24/7. You could say this about doctors and firefighters. They should not give aid in an emergency while off duty. We need these people to give aid when needed. We depend on these people when danger is present and need them to protect our communities.

Davison should be awarded, given back him gun and put back on regular duty. This officer is a hero who risked his life and prevented a possible fatal shooting.

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