CK should back students in abuse claims

By Barbara Ann Flannery

I am writing to comment on the article “Oliva battles teen abuse claim,” (TimesLedger, July 31). I am a 1986 graduate of Christ the King High School and your article does not shock me at all. My story, however, is a little different.

I was accused of having an inappropriate affair with a male teacher, which was untrue. When teens get a hold of a rumor, they never let up. I was ridiculed in the hallways and outside school every day for two years.

The administration did nothing to protect me in any way. Instead, it pulled me from my honors classes and treated me as though I was guilty of this vicious lie, all the while protecting the teacher, who still teaches there. I was under 18 and their care. All the administration did was protect the teacher and its school.

High school is supposed to be a fun and memorable time, but for me it was torture. I realize I may come across as sounding bitter — after all, I am 40 now — but there are some things one cannot forget. Also, I am not trying to piggy-back Jimmy Carlino's claim, since my story is different.

I wanted to express my disgust with that school and its operation — or lack thereof.

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