North Shore-LIJ Health System’s Center Tour

Residents of North Shore Towers visited North Shore-LIJ Health System’s Center for Advanced Medicine on Monday, June 23 to learn about ongoing projects and tour the facilities.
“We’re very excited that you decided to come,” said the center’s executive director, Patricia Daye.
Located at 450 Lakeville Road just a short distance from the Towers, the units that make up the Center for Advanced Medicine are the Diagnostic Imaging Center, Monter Cancer Center, Breast Imaging Center, Ambulatory Surgery Center, and the Arthur Smith Institute for Urology.
The Diagnostic Imaging Center provides primary diagnosis, tracks treatment progress, performs pre-surgical testing, and post-operative analysis.
The features of the Monter Cancer Center include chemotherapy and treatment stations, diagnostic imaging, multi-disciplinary treatment options, clinical trials, investigational trials, a bone marrow transplant program, social workers, support groups, nutrition counseling, a patient education center and supportive and palliative oncology.
The Breast Imaging Center performs screening mammographies, diagnostic mammographies, breast ultrasounds and MRIs and bone densitometry. It also performs interventional breast procedures such as stereotactic breast biopsies, ultrasound guided breast biopsies, and MRI guided breast biopsies.
Among the areas of specialty at the Ambulatory Surgery Center are gynecology, orthopedics, general surgery, plastic surgery, dental surgery, pediatric general surgery, urology, otolaryngology and pain management.
Those at the Arthur Institute for Urology are leaders in areas such as prostate cancer, bladder cancer, renal cell carcinoma, testicular cancer, interstitial cystitis, kidney and ureteral calculi, prostatitis, infectious diseases, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and incontinence.
The North Shore-LIJ Health System is currently in the midst of undergoing several major expansion and addition projects. Among them are:
-An imaging suite expansion that will add a second MRI to the Diagnostic Imaging Center.
-The construction of a 6,200 square foot Bio-Skills Labratory. It will include didactic and operation room training facilities.
-The relocation of LIJ ambulatory chemotherapy.

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