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Take precautions when protecting yourself, your possessions

By Barbara Morris

Everyone loves seeing the horses whenever our southeast Queens communities have a function where the Black Cowboys are front and center. I feel the same way but was upset last week when I heard on the radio that the U.S. Interior Department is planning on killing what I believe is one of this country’s national treasures: our wild horses.

I phoned that department to complain and was able to get an address where anyone interested in trying to help save those creatures can write, which would be more effective than calling. I certainly hope many of our readers will take a few minutes to write.

The address is U.S. Department of the Interior, Director J. Caswell, 1849 C Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20240. Any help you can give this worthy cause will be appreciated.

Back on our own range, we need help, too. The financial mess has already begun to cause trouble in our communities. It probably could not have been at a worse time, with the holiday season approaching.

Unfortunately, every year around the holidays, crime increases. Criminals take advantage of situations, and when they see someone taking money out of a bank, these people will devise some means to get as much of that money as possible.

They might jostle you, approach you with some kind of fraudulent scheme, threaten you with a weapon, try to smack you around or follow you home and break into your house. Sometimes, of course, do not even have to see you at the bank — they just assume you have something they could take from you. Protect yourself and your family and possessions.

Do not leave your children unattended, nor your home unsecured. Do not open your door to any stranger unless you know that person means you no harm. I mention this particularly because there has been another home invasion in Rosedale.

Late one night, a woman answered a knock at her door. Thinking it was her son, she quickly opened the door, only to be pushed inside by a masked man with a gun. She was forced to hand over her ATM card and PIN number. She was tied up and put in her bedroom closet. Her bedroom was ransacked and jewelry and a laptop were taken.

After they left, the victim’s daughter returned home and found her mother in the closet. The daughter notified the bank to freeze her mother’s card, but was told it had already been used to withdraw money three times. After the card was frozen, 11 additional but unsuccessful attempts were made to withdraw cash from that account.

It is not easy to be careful all the time, but it is necessary. Keep your business and possessions your private business. If you get something of value and it comes in a big box, when you unpack the box and get it ready for recycling, fold it so that your name and address are turned inside.

When out in public, do not display your jewelry. Often on buses or trains, I see ladies staring at their diamond rings or bracelets. Men proudly wear their gold chains almost like a challenge to a thief. Neither is a good idea. Hide them, turn the ring around or wear gloves. Drop the chain inside your sweater until you get out of close contact in confined travel areas. You will save yourself time, trouble and heartache.

We have to try and stay safe, healthy and happy so we can deal as efficiently as possible with the unpredictable weather that will, no doubt, come our way, or with any other surprises. Please be careful and stay safe.

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