SUNY scholarships for Sichuan students

Earlier this year, 22 SUNY campuses took in 150 undergraduate students from the Chinese province of Sichuan, which was the site of an earthquake back in May.
Continuing this pattern, it was announced that the Asian country will provide 10 yearlong scholarships to SUNY students for the next four years.
These 10 students will have the chance to study abroad in the People’s Republic of China through the Chinese Government Scholarship Program.
Governor David Paterson supported the agreement taken by SUNY and the Chinese government. “Earlier this year, we were pleased to open our universities to many Chinese students to ensure that their educations were not interrupted due to the tragic natural disaster which struck Chengdu,” said Governor Paterson.
Carl Hayden, Chair of the SUNY Board of Trustees, pointed out the significance of the study abroad program.
“SUNY’s outreach with China has been successful and far-reaching,” Hayden said, “students who study abroad help boost the economic and social development of the host country as well as of the United States.”
Cen Jianjin, education counselor of The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in New York, said that Premier Wen “expressed sincere thanks to the U.S.” for helping students continue their education at the SUNY campuses.
SUNY will be managing the program here to ensure that candidates for the scholarship meet all requirements established by the colleges and universities in China.
Similarly, the Chinese Scholarship Council will be looking over the program in China, analyzing and working alongside its educational institutions.
The program will start with the beginning of the next school year in September 2009.

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