Madoff scandal touches Queens again

Bubbles have started to burst at the New York Hall of Science in Queens.
The Hall of Science in Queens has confirmed that one of their funders, a foundation and not an individual, has been affected by the Bernie Madoff scandal.
“The foundation is not a major funder,” a Hall of Science spokesperson said.
The Hall of Science insisted that they have lots of other funders that make up a diverse group of contributors. However, the current economy has affected the budgets of a wide-range of individuals, foundations, cities and states, the latter which usually find themselves first slashing arts, culture and education budgets.
The Hall of Science spokesperson did not want to “get into scenarios” as to how this would affect their institution “until they [the scenarios] happened because it may send a message out to the public that is not accurate.”
With this news from the Hall of Science, the number of confirmed Queens institutions who could see their coffers decline because of Madoff continues to rise.
Among these are the Queens College Foundation, Sterling Equities - the corporate entity that owns the NY Mets, which insist that neither the team nor their new field will be affected, and Blumenfeld Development Group which leased office space to Madoff at the Bulova Corporate Center, a corporate park in East Elmhurst.
In total, the Madoff’s Ponzi scheme has cost investors around the globe about $50 billion dollars. Madoff will continue on house arrest until his trial.

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