Give Her a Chance

Despite the fact that her appointment was botched by a governor who appears bent on self−destruction, Kirsten Gillibrand, New York’s new junior senator, has hit the ground running. As part of her statewide “listening tour,” Gillibrand paid a visit last week to southeast Queens. She admitted she comes from a suburban background, but made it clear she is willing to listen. That is a good way to start.

We do not know Gillibrand. She is barely known in the congressional district she represented. For now, she is an outsider. But Hillary Clinton was an outsider, too. Clinton was raised and educated in Chicago before moving to Arkansas. She won hearts from the city to Buffalo. She took time to learn issues and bond with the electorate. We wish her success as secretary of state and we trust Gillibrand will benefit from her example.

Much has been said about Gillibrand’s NRA approval rating, but we trust the senator and officials will find common ground in getting illegal guns off our streets.

Gillibrand will have until the 2010 elections to prove she is capable of understanding and representing urban concerns. We wish her success.

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