People must stand up to gov’t

How lucky are we as citizens that state Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan (D−Ridgewood) has informed us on the features and benefits of the new enhanced driver’s licenses (“New identification called for when crossing U.S. borders,” March 5)?

Didn’t the politicians tell us the same thing when E−ZPass started? Now we have an E−ZPass system whose savings to the citizen is negligible. This system might soon be used on the free East River bridges.

Radio frequency identification has two uses: to eliminate jobs and track the activities of people. How soon will it be before politicians mandate an RFID tag on our registration sticker? They can then record our mileage and charge us for it.

This is another way for the state to extract more money from our pockets and condition people to accept these new technologies.

People need to remember that we have the power. Peaceful, nonadherence to government mandates by the populace is the only way to reverse this downward trend and tell politicians who is really in charge.

David Gmuca

Oakland Gardens

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