Weddings have hidden costs

By Joseph Palumbo III

It is that time of year, when brides, grooms and their families and friends are in bridal−planning mode. Queens residents know how expensive weddings can be. Costs can look worse when we factor in the recession.

Mostly, wedding costs consist of the church, catering hall, photo or video production, disc jockey or band, flowers, limousines, etc. This week we are going to talk about hidden wedding costs.

Postage is a hidden cost. Depending on the size of your invitation, postage can run almost $2 per invitation mailed. That can add up to a couple of hundred bucks based on how many people you are inviting.

Your wedding gown is costly enough, so chances are the store you are purchasing it from is not going to mention alteration costs. Ask if alteration costs are included or extra. Sometimes a simple hem can be $100 or more depending on the gown.

Overtime is an oversight. When sitting and booking with vendors, get the exact times you have their services for and what overtime will cost you the day of the event. Ask when overtime begins and if there are grace periods. Overtime costs can go from the high hundreds to the thousands based on the vendor.

Find out if your wedding service is taxable in New York state. In most cases, you are paying quite a bit and taxes can be pricey. For example, limos are non−taxable in New York, so be sure you are not being charged when booking.

Finally, either make sure your tips are factored into the price or find out what is appropriate and expected the day of the event.

So How’s Business regarding hidden wedding costs? Weddings are like snow flakes: They are all alike, but no two are identical. This is also true regarding hidden wedding costs. If we budget correctly, even in this economy, the day can easily be financially obtainable.

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