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Find a job after getting laid off

By Joseph Palumbo III

It is scary to lose your job. In these trying financial times, it is becoming more common to hear that someone got laid off. In speaking with numerous Queens professionals, I have put together a battle plan to make your situation better if you get downsized.

First, get over the initial shock that it happened to you. Getting laid off is stressful, but it is due to circumstances beyond your control. Mulling over it makes your morale and attitude worse, which is not going to help you find another job. Get busy right away. You are not on vacation, so start looking for another job the day after you get laid off.

The sooner you get moving on it, the more your juices will flow with the excitement and challenge of finding a new job. Begin networking by calling people you know who may have openings at their companies. Do not be ashamed to say you were let go. Instead, approach networking as a way of finding a blessing in disguise. Maybe it was time for a change anyway and this is the time to put your best foot forward.

Work the Internet because this is your best tool for finding out what is cooking in the workplace. Manage your time effectively and accordingly. This means working the phone and Internet and going to networking groups and interviews. Do not expect a job to find you. Thank someone who supplies you with a good lead or helps you land a job.

Also, you must follow up, even if a company says there are currently no openings. Go one further and becoming friendly with the human resources people you spoke with. They may remember you when a position opens.

So How’s Business regarding surviving a layoff? Looking for a job is a full−time job if you are serious about the results you want to achieve and do not want to settle for just anything. The more time you spend looking for a job, the more you will create multiple offers. It is possible you will be weighing the options of what job will work best for you. Do not get discouraged or be resentful.

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