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The Good … The Bad … The Ugly

THE GOOD . . .

We would like to add our praise to that of President Barack Obama’s for the outstanding job the New York Police Department (NYPD) did in thwarting what was apparently another terror plot with the city as the target. The suspects used the polyglot neighborhood of Flushing in which to live and plan their nefarious deeds, which may have included backpack bombings in our subway system.

Obama called Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly during his recent meeting to discuss the case and express his “appreciation and admiration” for the NYPD and its role in disrupting the terror plot, citing NYPD Deputy Commissioners David Cohen and Richard Falkenrath by name. The two head the NYPD’s Intelligence Division and Counter Terrorism Bureau respectively. We add out thanks and appreciation for the excellent job they are doing too.

We support Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s request for additional funding for the city’s “dirty bomb” program to detect nuclear weapons before they come into the city. New York deserves more Homeland funding and fast.

THE BAD . . .

The contest between Democrat Kevin Kim and Republican Dan Halloran in Council District 19 hit a new low for mud-slinging. Kim supporters branded Halloran as a “Pagan Lord” in published reports based on his religion and ancestry. Halloran admits to practicing Theodism, a nature-based religion that is actually a revival of ancient Scandinavian and Germanic religions.

Queens was founded on religious freedom from the time of the posting of the Flushing Remonstrance 352 years ago. This was used as the basis for the First Amendment of the Constitution that guarantees the freedoms of speech, press, religion and assembly. Religion does not belong in politics and we say shame on you to the Democrats who dreamed up this attack on Halloran.


The testimony at State Senator Hiram Monserrate’s assault trial has painted an ugly portrait of what actually transpired the night his girlfriend, Karla Giraldo, suffered facial injuries after being cut by a broken water glass. Was it an accident or the result of a jealous rage? We hope the judge deciding Monserrate’s guilt or innocence delivers justice to the people of the State of New York.

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