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On Becoming a Board Member

It seems like we just had a Board election and yet several residents have approached me to ask about the possibility of running for the North Shore Towers Board of Directors. They were also uncertain about the rotation of Board officers and how many positions are open each year.

Every year there are four Board openings and candidates are elected for a two-year term. Thus, we always have eight owners serving our community. The ninth position is the sponsor’s choice and Jim Short has filled that Board seat for many years. Recently, Phyllis Goldstein, Murray Lewinter, Marty Mitchell and I were elected. The seats that will be open this coming year will be those presently held by Herb Cooper, Mort Gitter, Marvin Rosenberg and Claire Levitan.

I encourage all those who want to run for the Board since I applaud their desire to serve the community. My advice to potential candidates is always the same. The best Board member is one who does the required homework, listens and participates in the issue being debated and votes on what he/she believes is best for the co-op.

Additionally, Board members should respond to resident’s concerns promptly and with respect and be willing to chair a committee that maximizes his/her areas of expertise. They must also make clear and concise monthly reports on the progress and recommendations of their committees.

Board members can disagree and present their ideas without being disagreeable. They should listen to others and make intelligent and independent decisions. Cliques are destructive, divisive and do not serve the best interests of the community.

When elected to the Board your life will change. Many residents will give you advice, suggestions and their pet peeves. You will lose a great deal of your privacy. Sometimes neighbors will not forgive you for voting against an issue they supported.

BUT, when you walk around our beautiful facility you will observe many things that other residents can now take for granted. Some of these observations may seem unimportant to those who never participated in the debate to repair, upgrade or add something to our quality of life.

I’m not ashamed to say that when I walk around the Towers I take enormous pleasure in many things others might not observe. I enjoy seeing the new pavement being installed at the West Gate and around Building Three. The fact that we have enough of a reserve fund to handle our five-year Capital Improvement Plan allows me to sleep at night. Being a member of a Board that did not raise our Country Club dues for the first time in about 13 years makes me proud to have been a part of the decision making process. When I look at our manicured golf course and beautiful grounds, I’m happy that the best move my wife and I ever made in our lives was to buy an apartment at North Shore Towers!

Yes, you should consider running for the Board of Directors! Just bring your ideas, work ethic, expertise and your complete dedication to your friends and neighbors here at North Shore Towers.


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