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New rules to test suspected DWI?drivers

Suspected drunk drivers will face new procedures that ensure more timely blood testing in cases that result in death or serious physical injury, announced Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly.
When a breath test is refused, the Police Department must obtain a search warrant in order to draw blood from the suspect. Under current practices, long delays may occur between a suspect’s arrest and blood test. On occasion, a drunk driver may have already metabolized most or all of the alcohol consumed before being subjected to testing, according to the NYPD.
The Department is enacting its new policies in order to limit the ability of a suspect to lower his Blood Alcohol Content in this manner.
“These changes streamline the process to better assure that a culpable drunken driver does not escape justice through delay,” said Kelly.
With the new procedures in place, arresting officers will be able to transport drivers suspected of DWI directly to an Intoxicated Driver Testing Unit, of which there are only six in the five boroughs combined. This will allow the officer to bypass first bringing the suspect to the nearest station, where he or she could be held for a prolonged period of time. This would also limit the ability of an officer to protect any suspect by keeping him or her in holding long enough for the alcohol to wear off.

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