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Location, location, location and great food

Looking out at the sparkling lights and spectacular views of Manhattan and the Queensboro Bridge from my seat at Water’s Edge reminded me why I adore this restaurant. I feel like a little kid in a candy store. I can never get enough of this uniquely positioned place. Now the food matches the views and it does not empty my pocketbook to eat there.

The new owner, H. Singh, has refreshed and renewed the interior, creating a sleek, sophisticated décor. As I left my car with the valet I was happy to see the highly polished, heavy bronze fish that opens the door is still in place, as is the handsome, well-stocked bar.

As I stepped into the dining room, the drama of the views caught my eyes. I’m glad the room has few steps because instead of watching the waiter as he brought us to our table my eyes were transfixed on that view. There is no bad table because, like a great theatre, every seat allows you the view of the stage, in this case the Manhattan skyline.

The evening I was there, we brought together 15 members of the family for a family reunion and birthday celebration for my husband Stu, his son Jon and son-in-law Jim Broner.

We were pleased to have a private corner in the dining room with two experienced waiters and bus boys for our party.

I had spoken with Cathy, the catering manager, who worked out a menu incorporating the chef’s specials, designed to please the palates of my guests.

Since we knew everyone was arriving separately we decided to have platters of crispy fried zucchini and an abundant cold antipasto platter filled with an assortment of meats, vegetables and cheese.

The dinner menu began with bowtie pasta prepared al dente in a flavorful red Bolognese meat sauce. I opted for a salad instead of crispy greens with shaved parmigiana cheese.

The guests had their choice of filet mignon, salmon, tuna or baked chicken. I chose the salmon, cooked perfectly to my specification of medium rare. I tried the filet mignon and was impressed with how tender and tasteful it was, up to the standards of any steak house. It was accompanied by French fries and everyone who did not order them stole some from their relatives. The dishes each sparkled with colorful vegetables that enhanced the presentation.

Of course, we had birthday cakes but I was able to order each person’s favorite, so we had a juicy cheesecake, strawberry shortcake and yummy chocolate, chocolate layer cake topped with whip cream. In addition, a bowl of three sorbets added to the finale. We did order wines and champagne during the evening and there are many choices, all reasonably priced for any purse.

The staff and kitchen made it an evening to remember and all our guests were duly impressed and pleased to be at Water’s Edge. Try it, you will love it!

Water’s Edge

The East River at 44th Drive

Long Island City

Telephone: 718-482-0033

Fax: 718-937-8817

Web site: www.WatersEdgeNYC.com

Special events rooms and catering available.

Valet parking.


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