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Halloran should challenge Ackerman for Congress

Recently I attended a Tea Party event focused on interviewing candidates to take on U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-Bayside) in the Fifth Congressional District.

Contrary to impressions left by some in the media, the Tea Party attendees’ concerns about constitutional liberties, run-away deficit spending and the negative effects over-taxation is having on economic recovery and unemployment were certainly in the mainstream.

All of the prospective candidates articulated their ideas about tackling the challenges facing our country and community in an earnest and considerate manner. I was indeed encouraged that each of these individuals, if elected, would have a responsible vision that contrasts starkly with the incumbent’s record on taxation, spending and the role of government.

But I believe that strategically we need a proven vote-getter in order to mount the campaign needed to take on an incumbent like Ackerman. We need City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone).

While I liked what I heard from every prospective candidate, I was particularly engaged by Halloran, who gave inspiring introductory remarks at the meeting on our traditions of federalism, limited government and the need for fiscal responsibility.

Halloran won a heated election just last year against Ackerman’s former deputy director of community affairs, Kevin Kim, despite the congressman putting substantial political capital against Halloran in a hard-hitting and aggressive campaign.

Halloran’s outspoken ability to articulate the imperatives of fiscal responsibility, national security and constitutionalism is measured and intelligent and has already worked at the ballot box. He would prove a refreshing alternative in Congress.

I urge Halloran to take this challenge on. His country is calling him to serve. We need change in Washington and the time is right for him to serve us as our congressman.

Deborah A. Heinichen


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