Focus on Astoria, LIC, Sunnyside

Cooperative Apartments and Condominiums abound in Astoria, Long Island City and Sunnyside in a range of prices – as in most cases with real estate – dependant on location.

In Astoria, one bedroom co-ops tend to range from the high $150s to the high $270s with maintenance charges ranging from roughly $490 to $625. At $200,000, you can find an eat-in kitchen. Two bedroom co-ops can be found starting in the high $220s to the mid $330s, with maintenance charges from $575 to about $645.

Condos in Astoria can run from about $266,000 for two rooms with an efficiency kitchen to $525,000 for one-bedrooms with efficiency kitchens and common charges ranging from $146 to about $180 plus taxes. Many have tax abatements. Two bedroom condos range from $525,000 to the luxury-with-a-view, two bathrooms, terrace and rooftop garden offerings in the $840s – with common charges and taxes each listed upwards of $550.

In Long Island City, condos are more prevalent, although one-and two-bedroom coops can be found from about $260,000 to the $390s, with maintenance ranging from about $500 to almost $1,200.

Two-room condos with efficiency kitchens can be found at $330,000 – but they’re rare. One bedroom condos with efficiency or combo kitchens range from the mid $380s to about $450,000 and common charges in the $400-$600 range. Of course, one-bedrooms with parking spaces or high-floor spectacular views run to the $630,000 range with common charges over $450.

The $450,000 range is the cross-over price for two-bedroom condos, although two-bedroom, one-bathroom units are more prevalent in the $550s, while two-bedroom, two-bathroom units start around $675,000 running to the million-plus range for the luxury of views, special amenities, etc.

Things aren’t quite as rarefied in Sunnyside, where two-room efficiency coops can be found from $110,000 to under $150,000 and maintenance under $150. One-bedroom units are listing from under $200,000 to the mid-$260s and maintenance in the $550-$650 range. Two-bedroom coops can be found between $285,000 and $320,000, with maintenance in the $600-$900 range.

One-bedroom condos in Sunnyside can be found in the high $280s to about $320,000 with efficiency kitchens, and for the extra living space of an eat-in kitchen or amenities such as a terrace, expect to pay between $350,000 and $420,000 with common charges in the $350-$425 range.