Name: Ed Braunstein

Age: 29

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Occupation: Attorney

Decision to Run: I chose to run because Albany needs a change. Unlike my opponents, I have never run nor held political office before, and I believe the best way to bring change to our state government is to elect new faces with fresh ideas and a real determination to increase transparency and accountability in government. As a lifelong Bayside resident, attorney and member of Community Board 11, I also believe I am uniquely qualified to address local issues such as our quality of life, education and senior services.
Major Issues: The single most important issue facing the constituents of the 26th Assembly District is the embarrassing situation in Albany. The dysfunction in Albany negatively impacts all of the other issues facing the residents of northeast Queens, and I believe our local senior centers, schools and parks should not have to suffer as a result of an incompetent legislature.
We must also protect our seniors at all costs. Our seniors have worked too hard raising families, serving our country and building strong businesses and communities to be shortchanged in their retirement. I will fight to fully fund our local senior centers, reduce the cost of prescription drugs for seniors and put our older adults first when determining our healthcare budget in Albany.
Top Priority: At one time, New York government was a national model. Today, Albany is an embarrassment, and I believe we deserve better. We need new leaders to make the difficult decisions that will force government to start working for the people, not the special interests. If elected as the next Assemblymember, I will push for real ethics reforms that bring much needed transparency and accountability to Albany and restore the people’s faith in government.

Name: Vince Tabone

Age: 44

Party Affiliation: Republican

Occupation: Attorney

Decision To Run: My wife and I are raising our children in Bayside, and I have worked to improve our public schools as a Community District Education Councilmember, preserve our community’s quality of life as a board member of the Bayside Historical Society, and protect our environment as a member of the Alley Pond Environmental Center. Community leaders and many friends and neighbors encouraged me to run because they are familiar with my record of community service in northeast Queens and as a reformer and job creator in public service and the private sector. There is a tremendous level of dissatisfaction with the Albany leadership and the State Assembly, and the status quo just isn’t good enough anymore. We need real change in our state government, common sense and fiscal restraint.
Major Issues: We need to revitalize our economy, provide real middle-class tax relief and economic opportunity. I helped create thousands of Queens jobs as an economic development official in the Giuliani and Bloomberg Administrations. I will fight for tax credits for small businesses, reduce red tape, and create new business improvement districts and enterprise zones.
Our schools in northeast Queens are among the best in the city and it is vital that we invest in our children’s future by strengthening our public schools. I will fight for our fair share of education funding, lower class sizes, and greater accountability.
Top Priorities: Common sense reforms to state government to make Albany work for New York’s taxpayers and families. I will fight to stop corruption, eliminate fraud and abuse, and instill fiscal responsibility to protect our tax dollars. I will stand up to the special interests and be our community’s independent voice for change and accountability.

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