Woodhaven, Ridgewood, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park and Glendale

Name: Michael Miller

Age: 49

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Occupation: Assemblyman

Decision to Run: Over the past year I have delivered essential services to my constituents. Whether opening a new senior center in Woodhaven or working to ease crime, I have provided my district with the necessary representation it has been missing for so long. I am running for re-election because there is still much work to be done. I am seeking to continue my record of delivering to my communities.
Major Issues: The downturn in the economy has hit my district hard. Businesses are closing along major avenues and working people are struggling. That is why I co-sponsored a program that allows businesses to have their equipment upgraded to be more energy efficient. The program has helped save money and prevent layoffs. For homeowners, I sponsored district-wide financial literacy courses to prevent families in my district from entering foreclosure.
When the economy takes a downturn, the first services cut are health care and education. As a result schools are not receiving the adequate resources they need. That’s why I helped draft legislation that would reform New York’s education system and prevent school budgets from being cut mid-year. As a result, many teachers will keep their jobs and schools will continue to have equipment to teach their students.
Top Priorities: If re-elected, I will continue fighting to create jobs right here in Queens, improve local schools and build more affordable housing for seniors. In the past 11 months I have fought for the working people in my district, and if re-elected I will continue to push for the reform our community so desperately needs.

Name: Donna Marie Caltabiano

Age: 56

Party Affiliation: Republican, Conservative, Libertarian

Occupation: Director, Forest Park Senior Citizens Center

Decision to Run: For over 30 years, I have volunteered and worked in my community and have a long list of proven results and accomplishments – whether it was the on the Community School Board, Planning Board or Senior Center. I feel compelled to run for this position because I know that my experiences have prepared me to go to Albany. Our elected representatives have failed us. They have lost touch with their constituents and no longer represent us. Albany needs to live on fixed incomes – like we do. They need to live within “our” means and find ways to balance the budget without adding new taxes.
Major Issues: The economy is the number one concern. Heath care would be the second.
Top Priorities: The budget. Albany has scheduled only 32 days of work before a budget is to be voted in. Even though our elected officials state that they worked hard on the budget, it was 125 days late and filled with new taxes instead of finding some wasteful spending. Member item funds should be distributed based on an equalized system and rated as to the efficiency. Often dollars are given to organizations not based on need but based on votes. Programs are encouraged to spend every dollar – even waste it on supplies that will never be used or things they don’t need instead of giving back the surplus. There is no audit system in place. While some may feel that this is an expensive process waste and inefficiency are more costly.

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