Name: Asher E. Taub
Age: 45
Party Affiliation: Republican
Occupation: Attorney

Decision to Run: The United States is in the worst crisis that is has faced since World War II. We are on the precipice of a great depression. We are at the mercy of foreign governments buying our debt whose agenda is alien and detrimental to our own. We import our energy needs from regimes that want to destroy us and finance terrorism with each dollar that is transferred abroad. Our health care system is being threatened by the Democratic Party’s new health care plan, which must be rebuked.
Major Issues: The federal budget deficit and rebuking the Democratic health care plan.
Top Priorities: Balancing the budget to prevent a collapse of the U.S. economy.

Name: Gregory W. Meeks
Age: 57
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Occupation: Member of the United States House of Representatives

Decision to Run: During my career, I have always been a tenacious advocate for economic development and job creation, educational opportunities and providing affordable healthcare. I am proud of our achievements during the 111th Congress, where we were able to pass key legislation that will benefit my constituents, including expanding health care coverage; providing tax relief for small businesses; and mandating vibrant and tough consumer protection, such as curbing overdraft fees and credit card abuse. Because there is a lot more work to be done, I would like to continue to fight to make things better for the people of the Sixth Congressional District.
Major Issues: Employment is a critical issue in our district, and I have stood firm to protect and promote the economic engines of the southeast Queens community, including John F. Kennedy Airport, our hospitals, and small businesses. To benefit those suffering during our current turmoil, I have worked diligently to extend unemployment benefits and increase job training.
I continue to fight to protect homeowners facing hardship, and I want to alleviate their suffering. Sadly, the Sixth Congressional District is Ground Zero for foreclosures in New York State. Two years ago, in an effort to stem foreclosure for families in the district, I increased the staff in my office dealing with constituents facing foreclosure.
Top Priorities: I plan to continue to work closely with local businesses to create job opportunities in the district. Small businesses are vital to the success of southeast Queens and I am committed to their success and growth.

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