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Dishing with Dee: Hofstra debate was more like a meeting of the Seven Dwarfs

By Dee Richard

It’s countdown time in only six more days. This election cycle has had so many intriguing races and interesting candidates. Unfortunately, there can only be one winner in each race and that’s too bad as several of the candidates in the various races appeared as if they would all have been excellent for their respective communities.

Life is going to be so simple and stress-free after Nov. 2 — but now that I think about it, Thanksgiving begins the official Christmas and holiday party season. Last year was wall-to-wall, nonstop parties for over a month, and what’s non-stressful about that? If we have too much work, we complain; if we have too little work, we complain. How does one go about achieving some sort of balance while retaining their sanity? If you figure it out, let me know.

Monday night was the night of the Hofstra University debate for governor. Carl Paladino was unusually quiet and subdued. I like the feisty guy better. It makes life more interesting. But Andrew Cuomo was his usual self. You can read into that whatever you will. The other five dwarfs can be described in one word: Jimmy McMillian, farcical; Charles Barron, scary; Howie Hawkins, dull; Kristin Davis, flamboyant; and Warren Redlich, sensible. That was a most interesting group of candidates, though some were more viable than others.

On Tuesday night at Cavo in Astoria the annual fund-raiser pajama party was held. It is a fun event where guests come dressed in their own favorite PJ’s and bring books and new PJ’s of assorted sizes as Christmas gifts for children being raised by foster parents. It’s a great concept. Brothers Peter and Paul Vallone have been involved in the event. If you would care to support this group, you can still donate. Contact the Vallones or Cavo to learn how.

On Wednesday night, the Clinton Democratic Club held its monthly meeting. The children from the neighborhood were all dressed in Halloween costumes. Some of the speakers of the evening were Rory Lancman, Frank Steel and Rona Freiser. Mary Ann Dorsa and Jimmy Lisa were congratulated upon being elected to membership on the Queens County Democratic Committee. The Clinton Club is strongly supporting Peter Kelly for the Surrogates Court slot.

On Thursday evening, Mike Miller had a fund-raiser at the Woodhaven House. The same night Tom Long at his monthly meeting in Forest Hills held a meet the candidate’s night. The end of the evening was a meet-and-great reception for Dr. James Milano held in the La Parma on the Bay in Port Washington.

The Milano event was sponsored by a rather new group named “Tomorrow’s Republicans,” whose slogan is “Promoting leaders, not politicians.” It appears to be quite a focus group that has it all together. Expect to hear more about them in the future.

Monday afternoon at a press conference in Flushing, in front of 25-59 Francis Lewis Blvd., Paul Vallone’s office, U.S. Rep. Gary Ackerman received the endorsement of the I AM PAC of New York, which stands for “Italian American Political Action Committee.” The purpose of PACs is to raise money to support political candidates of their choice. In close races, they can make a difference.

The Milano/Ackerman race is another interesting one to watch. Did you ever notice that the northeast section of the borough always seems to come up with the best stuff to write about?

State Sen. Frank Padavan held a Sunday brunch fund-raiser at the Douglaston Club. It was a gorgeous day and the event was well-attended. Most of the attendees acknowledged that in politics candidates tell you why you should vote for them rather than their opponent, and this is acceptable.

Before I forget, it’s time to pick the 2010 winner of my Machiavellian Award. Name your candidate and write a paragraph as to why you nominated that person and e-mail it to me. The winner will receive a plaque in January and the successful nominator will also be recognized.

Be sure to drop in at the Bowne Park Halloween party Oct. 31 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

That’s it for this week.

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Till next week, Dee.

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