NE Qns. needs pro-gay state senator

It is with a great sense of dismay for me to read that incumbent state Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose) is far ahead in the polls. My husband and I have been homeowners in Bayside since 1984, having married in Massachusetts last year after 30 years together. It is ironic for me to walk past the — thankfully few — lawn signs on my street supporting him.

The tagline “Nobody Cares Like Frank” should include “unless you are a member of the LGBT community.” In keeping with a list of other outdated and out-of-step positions, Padavan is no friend of those of us who share the same pride and interest in keeping our community one of the most livable and desirable in the city yet are denied the rights and privileges that our heterosexual neighbors enjoy.

Tony Avella, on the other hand, has consistently demonstrated his support for the LGBT community and warmly addressed the supporters of Marriage Equality prior to our walk across the Brooklyn Bridge Sept. 26. I encourage more of my less outspoken neighbors — gay, straight or in-between — to do the right thing on Election Day and cast a heartfelt vote to end this bigotry once and for all.

That would truly be a change and a step in the right direction.

Kenn Agata


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