New Executive Officer Joins 102nd Precinct

He joined the Force “to help people,” and Captain Martin Briffa is doing just that at the 102nd Precinct as the command’s new Executive Officer (XO).

Briffa, 43, who came to the U.S. from Malta in 1973, said he is the first in his family to join the NYPD.

“I wanted to make some kind of impact,” he told The Courier. “In high school, I became friends with an officer assigned to the school and he inspired me.”

His career began with Corrections, then he joined the 7th Precinct on the Lower East Side; he was a sergeant in the 60th Precinct in Coney Island; and his most recent assignment was the 84th Precinct in Brooklyn North, where he spent eight-and-a-half years.

Now, the married father of two from Long Island said that he hopes he can help his children grow up in a world that’s safe.

And at the 102, he looks forward to meeting the residents and working in conjunction with the various community groups.

“How you change the community is by input,” he said. “Policing is only part of the job. The stronger a community is, the more people voice their opinions, the more results [you get].”