Padavan puts constituents first

Our grandmothers would have put it succinctly: Do not throw the baby out with the bath water. That old saying has real meaning as an electorate prepares to go to the polls in an ugly mood. Incumbents have good reason to worry. Negative ads and populist-leaning editorials are urging us to “throw the bums out.”

We trust our fellow citizens will not just follow blindly, but consider the record of the individual over his time of service. We hope they will remember what many seem to have forgotten: Our system is built on negotiation and compromise. And, here in Queens, we hope this will lead them to re-elect state Sen. Frank Padavan (R-Bellerose).

We are proud to say we have known Frank since he first ran for office. He has never hidden behind procedure to avoid a vote on a controversial measure, as Congress just did. He always lets you know where he stands and then votes that way. At the same time, his door is always open.

His record over the years has been impeccable. From closing abusive institutions to expanding insurance coverage for people with autism, from opposing gambling as a means for closing the state budget gap to introducing legislation to crack down on domestic violence, from sponsoring “maintenance of effort” legislation to fighting to make sure the city gets the education funding it needs, Padavan always puts the constituents first.

Moreover, when a constituent comes to him with a problem, he has never said, “It’s not my job.” He just helps.

As Mary Matthews said in Frank Capra’s classic film “State of the Union,” “You’ve got an honest man. You don’t know how lucky you are.”

Ed and Cindy Leahy


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