Swift action by pair saves man’s life

Two caregivers at Castle Senior Living at Forest Hills recently saved a resident from choking by performing the Heimlich maneuver on him.
Witnesses say the resident was eating a snack during a daily social hour when those around him noticed he was turning blue.
Resident attendant Lois Martin sprang into action, wrapping her arms around him from behind and began the abdominal inward thrusts designed to dislodge food stuck in the airway. Some food was released but he was still in distress. At that point, resident attendant Erica Pimental Cabrera continued abdominal thrusts, dislodging the rest of the obstruction.
The life-saving maneuver, which occurred on September 13, was witnessed by the residents and staff gathered during the social hour in the part of the residence called the Country Cottage.
“I am so proud of Lois and Ericka,” said Wendy Gregg, executive director of Castle Senior Living. “They certainly saved our resident from choking to death and he has been doing just fine ever since.”

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