Mom who scalded son gets 15 years in prison

ROCKAWAY PARK — A mother from Rockaway Park who burned her son in scalding hot water for soiling his training diapers has been sentenced to 15 years in prison, the DA’s office said.

Regina Cooper, 31, of 112th Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard, pleaded guilty to assault and endangering the welfare of a child last week.

The DA’s office said Cooper came home at midday Jan. 25 and was told her son, then 1, soiled his training diapers. She cursed and screamed at the child, filled a bathtub with hot water and immersed the boy inside despite his screams to be let out, the DA’s office said.

As a result of the act, the boy suffered skin grafts as well as liver and kidney failure, the DA’s office said. All of his toes and part of his feet later had to be amputated, the DA’s office said.

Cooper will be put under post-release supervision for five years after her years in prison are up, the DA’s office said.

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