Obama underestimated the GOP

The midterm election has been called a referendum by the usual and expected detractors, the “Obstrublicans,” and indeed it was. But it was not a referendum directed at the Democratic policies which any middle-class, unduped American should cheer. It was a referendum on President Barack “Can’t we all just get along?” Obama.

He handled his position as the president as if he were a law professor in a Harvard lecture hall speaking to open minds thirsty for knowledge with which to benefit their future lives rather than acknowledge the reality that the vipers to whom he was constantly “reaching out” his hand want no more than to sever that hand at the shoulder.

He failed to realize that while he is going about the business of trying to improve the country, the opposing party, which has made an art form out of gutter politics, had no such interest but was bent solely on the destruction of the Obama presidency so as to once again place it in their control.

As they so proudly said, their “primary goal is to make Obama a one-term president.” They “compromise or agree on nothing” even when voting on a bill they themselves had put forth, say no period and so on. For once they were not lying — they have done and are doing exactly that.

The election results were a referendum on Obama’s naivete, a testament to the old adage “Nice guys finish last” — especially in politics.

Nicholas Zizelis


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