Peace on Earth

As happens every year at this time, our thoughts turn to our readers who will spend the holidays without loved ones defending this country in Afghanistan and elsewhere overseas. Like them, we look forward to the holiday season when that will not be the case.

And as happens every year, we are reminded of the hundreds of organizations that have spent this holiday season caring for Queens’ needy families. They do their best to make certain every family has a place to stay, warm clothing to wear and food to eat in these difficult times. It is these generous souls of all beliefs and backgrounds that make Queens great.

Happy holidays to all readers.

Bah, Hummus-Bug!

At a time when it is making a concerted effort to make its products a household word, Sabra has decided to desert Queens. The dips who make this dip have announced they are moving the company’s administrative headquarters from Astoria to White Plains, N.Y.

The company produces hummus and other Mediterranean-style dips and spreads, including baba ghanoush, eggplant dip and Mediterranean salsa. Sabra has taken advantage of a growing consumer desire to eat more health-conscious foods.

Sabra claims it has outgrown its space at 24-20 49th St. in Astoria. Really? We are certain there is a great deal of office space available in Astoria and Long Island City. It was not necessary to head to the suburbs up north. The city Economic Development Corp. said it made its best effort to keep Sabra in the city.

The EDC was outbid by Westchester County with help from Albany. The Westchester Office of Economic Development said the incentives offered to Sabra from the state and county amount to $100,000. These included sales tax, abatements for capital investments and equipment purchases and direct grants.

The move hurts more than just the people who will face the prospects of giving up good jobs when the unemployment rate is more than 10 percent or face a long, expensive commute each day. The move will also hurt the Astoria business community.

Next time you go shopping, consider whether or not you want to patronize a company that has said, “Drop dead” to Queens. There are other dips better for the borough’s health.

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