As we bid adieu to the year 2010, we pledge to our readers and advertisers to continue to bring them our award-winning brand of journalism every week through the coming year. We resolve to scour your neighborhoods for news, good and bad, for trends, and for people who give of themselves for their neighbors and their communities.
We will continue to bring you special networking opportunities at our various events like our upcoming Rising Stars, which honors 40 people under the age of 40; the Kings of Queens breakfast ceremony during which we honor the movers and shakers in the worlds of business and government; and our foremost event, the Top Women in Business dinner.
We will add to that mix events like our “Power Breakfasts” where a politician or business leader will answer questions from his or her field of expertise asked by a panel of experts.
The Queens Courier Daily Deals will continue into the New Year and afford you an opportunity to save up to 90 percent off the cost a product or treatment from one of the local businesses in your neighborhood. And the best part is, it’s all free.
Our web site is updated several times a day so that you can learn about local Queens news as soon as it happens.
Editorially, we will continue to hold our politicians to scrutiny – taking them to task for the bad policies they advocate and inequities they allow to endure.
We will continue to fight for immigrants’ rights and the reform of the nation’s immigration policies and its laws governing them.
We will advocate for changes to our election system, starting with the very dysfunctional Board of Elections and the ridiculous voting system – that lost 80,000 Queens votes on Election Night – they imposed on the electorate.
We will watch how the advent of new Schools Chancellor affects the Department or Education. Our schools are overburdened and overcrowded, with many high school youngsters starting their educational day with a lunch hour, leaving them to squeeze through over-crowded hallways the rest of the day and gobble down their lunch between or during classes.
We wish you all a happy and healthy New Year because “We are all about you!”

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