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Bedbug seminar aimed at prevention

State Senator Joseph P. Addabbo, Jr. and Assemblymember Michael Miller sponsored a free seminar providing important information from the experts on how to prevent, identify, or get rid of the spreading problem of bedbug infestations on Thursday, February 17 at the Emanuel United Church of Christ in Woodhaven.

According to local certified exterminators, bedbug removal is one of the most difficult and costly tasks in the pest control industry. Landlords have been known to spend up to $80,000 to get large buildings bedbug free.

Adding to landlords’ woes of dealing with these pests, the Bedbug Disclosure Act, a new citywide law that took effect August 30, 2010, required landlords to notify prospective tenants about any infestations in the building within the previous year.

“Bedbugs are a growing epidemic and we have seen it affect not only our households but our children, seniors and businesses,” said Addabbo. “I want my constituents to know that they should never feel alone on the issue; if they think or know they have bedbugs they can always call my office for more information.”

The seminar featured speakers from the NYC Department of Health, NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development, and local pest control business owner William Puricelli of Advanced Pest Management Services.

“We welcome anyone from the community to contact us directly with any questions at advancedexterminating.com,” Puricelli said.

Nigel Manuel, president of Inspector Bedbug Corporation also attended the event along with one-year-old Archie, a bedbug certified and trained scent detection dog.

“My company is an independent bedbug inspection and detection service using a scent detection dog and handler teams,” said Manuel. “Our dogs are well trained and affective when identifying bedbugs.”

“This event was very informative,” said Richard Fogal, of Woodhaven. “Hopefully the more people that know about bedbugs, the less bedbugs we will have.”

Addabbo pointed out that in 2010, exterminators were extremely busy, as the nasty critters temporarily shut down businesses, forced residents to move, and left beleaguered New Yorkers suffering from red welts and bites. Some local movie theaters, offices, and hotels also reported being visited by the bugs.

“The citywide fight against bedbugs will be won one home at a time,” said Miller. “Winning the battle can save you thousands of dollars, and information is your best weapon.”

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