Pols must start supporting teachers

President Barack Obama has said that education is one of his top priorities. Well, if that is the case, then why are there threats of massive, widespread teacher layoffs across this country?

Education is the backbone of this country, and teachers are the people who challenge their students to work up to and develop their full potential. If thousands of hardworking, dedicated and respected teachers are laid off, the results to education in this country will be devastating. Class sizes will continue to increase, thus making classroom instruction more difficult for those teachers still in their schools.

School administrators and district superintendents will have serious and long-lasting problems in their school districts because of this impending threat of teacher layoffs. Obama speaks about hiring thousands of teachers for our nation’s schools, yet it seems that education spending is being cut to the absolute bare minimum. Education spending should never be cut — it is so critical for our students. Our elected officials had better get off their backsides and start fighting for no cuts to education and no teacher layoffs.

Let the politicians do the job they were elected to do: Stand up and fight for their constituencies instead of just blowing a lot of hot air and doing nothing.

John Amato

Fresh Meadows

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