VIP Club Now Serving Residents

The North Shore Towers Country Club officially has a new food service provider – The VIP Club.
During a January meeting by the Towers Board of Directors, Bagels and BBQ was selected as the food service provider for the VIP Room. Bagels and BBQ currently has a location on Jericho Turnpike. Its owner, Dennis Pariti, has been in the food industry for 30 years and has worked with North Shore Towers residents for about 18 years. He also catered recent events at the Towers, including its indoor holiday party last December and its Super Bowl party.
While talking about the decision to go with Bagels and BBQ in a February 2011 article in the North Shore Towers Courier, Board President Bob Ricken cited the feedback from those parties.
“We’ve gotten positive feedback from everyone who’s attended those affairs so we thought it’d be natural [to hire them],” Ricken said at the time.
Pariti is now running The VIP Club at the Towers along with partner Reina Lemus. It opened in mid-April and, although it experienced some glitches like a computer jam, Pariti said that now everything is running smoothly.
“We’re hearing a lot of great reviews,” he said. “People love the food and they love the price.”
Ricken also said, “There was the usual ‘shake down’ period when the restaurant opened. The chef had to get familiar with the kitchen, decide how many staff members would be needed and what menu items were favored by our residents. Since those first days the VIP Room has become an alternative place for our members to eat.”
So far The VIP Club has had a good volume of people coming in, Pariti said, with more people coming in every day. He also said that it has been satisfying to get the repeat business they have been seeing.
The welcome from residents has been mixed, Pariti said.
“But the people who do stay and do try our product, they come back every day, which is really good,” he noted. “I’m very happy about that.”
Pariti said that their food is top quality, adding that he would never serve food that he wouldn’t eat himself. Some of the items on the menu are salads, pizza, sandwiches and omelets.
“The portions are huge here for the price,” Pariti said.
One of the goals Pariti has for The VIP Club is to create an atmosphere where people can just go hang out, enjoy themselves and take in the “beautiful scenery.” He also said he loves the newly renovated VIP Room, which he said has an open, airy feel to it.
“You couldn’t ask for any better,” he said. “It’s beautiful.”
Pariti said that they are already making changes to the restaurant, such as hiring more help because they have had “such a good customer base so far.”
“It keeps growing every day, which is excellent,” Pariti said.
On Memorial Day, The VIP Club will also open up a concession area by the Country Club’s outdoor pool. Among the food and drinks available for purchase there will be yogurt, hotdogs, hamburgers, sodas, frozen drinks, salads, sandwiches and jumbo pretzels.
Once they get their liquor license, Pariti said he would like to do happy hour. They also hope to do some barbecues.
The VIP Club is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is closed on Mondays.

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