Sister wants justice to heal

By Ivan Pereira and Christina Santucci

Lystra Huggins still remembers the day her mother came home with one pair of roller skates for her to share with her brother Leslie. She was 9, Leslie 10, and it was the day their family moved into a new house in Trinidad.

“He had one [skate], and I had on the other one, and we were literally skating and pushing with the other foot. And we did that around the neighborhood and we met neighbors,” Lystra said.

For Lystra, that memory of her brother is one that stands out in her mind among many – even after nearly 30 years.

“Everything we did, we did together,” she said. “I feel almost like a twin because we were just one year apart, so we were connected. I miss him terribly as a brother and a friend.”

Ever since Leslie Huggins, 38, was murdered in his Queens Village home on Feb. 26, 2010, Lystra said she and her relatives have been struggling to come to terms with how Leslie died and the possibility that they might never know who killed him.

“That’s my greatest fear,” Lystra said.

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