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Pols: Jackson Hts. Store Remains a Bad Neighbor

Blast Grocery Chain For Violations

Days after City Council members Daniel Dromm and Julissa Ferreras joined frustrated local residents to condemn alleged unsafe practices at a Jackson Heights supermarket, Dromm announced that the chain has received another Environment Control Board (ECB) notice of violation for failing to comply with the commissioner’s order to vacate the illegal extension on the 75th Street side of the store.

“Trade Fair continues to show their complete disregard for the law and the safety concerns of our community,” said Dromm. “It is now obvious that they have no interest in being a good neighbor or playing by the rules. [W]e are sending a clear message that Jackson Heights will not tolerate such irresponsible behavior. Trade Fair needs to end their illegal practices immediately.”

Ferreras echoed the sentiment and said similar problems existed with the supermarket chain in her own district.

“Trade Fair supermarket has ignored the concerns of our communities for too long,” said Ferreras. “Its history of poor sanitation, parking violations, idling delivery trucks, and general disregard for the quality of life of its neighbors is unacceptable. I call upon Trade Fair to put an end to its unsafe and illegal practices and respect the needs of community residents and fellow business owners.”

This Trade Fair branch is expected to appear at ECB Court on Feb. 7 for four violations and faces a possible criminal court summons if it continues to ignore the regulations.

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