Housing Plans In Bushwick

Also: Dog Run Plan Scrutinized

New housing projects and a push for a dog run in a Bushwick park were among the highlights of Brooklyn Community Board 4′s Wednesday, Apr. 18 meeting at the Hope Gardens Community Center.

Chairperson Julie Dent announced that the Ridgewood-Bushwick Senior Citizens Council is seeking financing from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development for a four-story, 24-unit building at 422 Melrose St., between Knickerbocker and Irving avenues, that would offer affordable housing.

The 10,000 sq. ft. site is currently vacant.

The project would have an estimated 2013 completion date.

In addition, Board 4 has been told by Housing Bridge, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, of their intention to apply for funding from the Department of Homeless Services to operate a 16- unit “family residence” at 38 Cooper St.

Dog run issues

Chairperson Nadine Whitted an- nounced that a group of residents have submitted a petition calling on Board 4 to support the establishment of a dog run at Irving Square Park.

“I want to take that petition and scrutinize it,” she said, looking for signatures “from the people who live directly surrounding that park.”

“If they have to go back, they will go back again until they get it right,” she warned. “That petition is not going anywhere yet.”

If the petition satisfies Whitted and Board 4, the board will vote on the proposal at a future meeting.

Parks Committee Chairperson Robert Camacho claimed that dog walkers are already taking over the area the dog run group has been eyeing.

“They know they’re not supposed to be there,” he stated. “There’s a gate; it’s closed off.”

National Grid work surprise

According to Whitted, a contractor for National Grid had begin work on Evergreen Avenue from Jefferson to Palmetto streets without properly notifying the community.

Community residents have told Board 4 that the contractor had obstructed sidewalks and parking spots. In addition, Whitted claimed that one resident had to spend “a substantial amount of money “to have their sidewalks repaired.

“Of course, we’re angry about that, and we let that be known,” said Whitted. “Like any other community, we deserve the right to know in ad- vance so we can make preparations.”

According to Whitted, National Grid sent a letter to Board 4 stating that the work is necessary prior to a city project to install new catch basins and repave those streets.

Get rezoning show on the road

At the urging of Housing Committee Chairperson Martha Brown, Board 4 passed a resolution calling on local lawmakers to support the downzoning of Bushwick.

Bushwick is expected to be rezoned by the Department of City Planning later this year.

“It’s going to take some time, but we need to get this show on the road,” she told the board. “We need to begin working on this now.”

Other news

The June 83rd Precinct Community Council meeting will be a forum between teenagers and the community to work on relations between the two groups, Whitted announced.

“We encourage you to invite your young people, specifically, the men, … so they can understand some of the things the police go through,” she said.

It will be held at a place to be determined.

The Department of Health’s pest control bureau will be coming to Bushwick to do an “indexing” of the neighborhood. The work will include surveying the area looking for all types of rodents and other animals.

Elvena Davis, who chairs the Civic and Religious Committee, announced that the annual Bushwick Pride Parade will take place on June 7. Registration is underway.

Whitted told the crowd that Wyckoff Heights Medical Center has received seven grants for preventative care and for primary care.

Board 4 continues to work with the hospital as well as Woodhull Hospital Center on a future HIV Testing Day. Health Committee Chairperson Mary McClellan would later announce that the event will take place on Aug. 18 at Thomas Boyland Park, at Broadway and Aberdeen Street.

The Department of Transportation is taking applications to designate blocks as Summer Play Streets, Whitted announced.

The streets are designed to be set aside as supervised play areas for children. However, the tradeoff is that parking on the streets will be prohibited during business hours.

Whitted urged prospective applicants to speak to their neighbors before filing paperwork.


Board 4 elected their new slate of officers at the meeting.

Chairperson Julie Dent, First vice Chairperson Martha Brown, Second Vice Chairperson Victoria Fernandez, Treasurer Avellar Hansley and Parliamentarian Odolph Wright and were re-elected to their positions.

Brooklyn Community Board 4 meets on the third Wednesday of the month at the Hope Gardens Community Center, located at 195 Linden St.in Bushwick.

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