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Another Crack at Glendale Zip Code

USPS Asked Again For New Numbers

Glendale’s longtime pursuit of its own postal identity took another step forward recently as Rep. Bob Turner and Assemblyman Mike Miller resubmitted an application to the United States Postal Service (USPS) to create a separate ZIP code for the neighborhood.

The community shares the 11385 code with Ridgewood, and this arrangement has caused complications for Glendale residents in sending or receiving mail, according to both elected officials in their announcement late last Wednesday afternoon, May 30.

“Sharing a ZIP code has created numerous, and sometimes dangerous problems for Glendale residents, such as delays in medication delivery and first responder services,” Turner said in a press release issued late last Wednesday afternoon, May 30. “Assemblyman Miller and I are asking the USPS to help remedy these issues by taking our application into consideration as soon as possible.”

Miller, himself, claimed to be one of many Glendale residents who had difficulty receiving services as a result of the shared ZIP code with Ridgewood. After recently purchasing equipment, he stated that he experienced difficulty when attempting to register the product online, as his Glendale address was not recognized as being part of the 11385 ZIP code.

When calling the company, Miller was told by the operator that he could register the item under his current address, but with Ridgewood listed as his home city.

“My story is just one of many stories; stories of seniors not getting their medications delivered properly or an Access-a-Ride bus that cannot find a house and never shows up,” Miller said. “This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Real people are affected.”

During a May 22 meeting, Turner handed the ZIP code application to Frank Calabrese, district manager of the USPS Triboro District, along with a letter outlining concerns raised by local residents and businesses regarding problems related to the lack of a separate Glendale ZIP code.

Turner also provided Calabrese with copies of letters from local community and civic groups and a petition containing the signatures of over 1,000 Glendale residents in support of the proposal.

Glendale and Ridgewood were originally assigned 11227, which was considered part of the Brooklyn postal zone. Through a campaign led in part by the late-Rep. Geraldine Ferraro, the communities were assigned their present code in 1979.

At that time, it was noted, the switch was desired by many in the community since insurance rates were set based on ZIP codes, and the premiums paid by residents living in ZIP codes based in Queens were generally lower.

In recent years, Glendale has sought own ZIP code as a symbol of its own identity, among other reasons. Five years ago, the GPOA and local elected officials petitioned the United States Postal Service (USPS) to create a separate code for the neighborhood, but was turned down in November 2007. A USPS spokesperson said at that time that there were “operational factors” which led to the decision.

Turner and Miller stated that the population of the 11385 ZIP code is double that of other ZIP codes around Queens. They also suggested that Glendale be assigned the ZIP code of 11384, as that remains unassigned by the USPS.

“The USPS would only have to change one digit to make life easier for numerous Queens residents. It would also simplify operations for local USPS employees by reducing the amount of misaddressed mail being caused by redundant street names in Ridgewood and Glendale,” Turner concluded. “This is a win-win situation.”

According to Turner, the USPS indicated that they would study the application and have an answer to the request by the end of this summer.

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