Ex-mayor appreciates kind words

Your June 7-13 editorial “Search for the Next Ed Koch” arrived at my desk. Thank you for your generous comments concerning my mayoralty.

I do want to correct some errors in your description of me, though. You state, “He was a World War II hero and two-term congressman ….” I was not a hero. I served to the best of my ability and was honorably discharged as a sergeant after serving for three years. I received two combat battle stars and the Combat Infantry Badge, as did every member of the 104th Division for serving in combat in the campaigns of Northern France and the Rhineland.

Combat stars are not awarded for individual bravery. Everyone in the division who served in these campaigns received the combat battle stars.

I served in the U.S. Congress for nine years — five terms — leaving at the end of 1977 to become mayor.

I am grateful for your generous references to me and my style of government.

Edward I. Koch


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