Queens reacts to death of Sally Ride

Photo courtesy of NASA

Former NASA astronaut Sally Ride, who became the first U.S. woman to go into space, died of pancreatic cancer yesterday at the age of 61. Queens locals share some of their favorite memories of the space mission with Sally Ride.


“She was a brave woman and a great role model.”

-Joan McGuirk


“America was lagging behind the Soviets until she went up into space. She was the first American woman and I’m very proud of her.”

-Michael Breen


“I remember when she went up in the Challenger. She was a full-blown astronaut, and an inspiration to women.”

-Rick Peiser


“To me, she was a pioneer in her field. She was light years away from her field.”

-Tom Santino


“I didn’t grow up with her, but it’s sad that we lost her because she was the first woman to go up to space.”

-Anthony Santino


“I know that she was the first woman to go up to space and she gave other women the chance to do so also.”

-Rose. R


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